CFO & Financial Controller (FC) Support

Engaging us as your Outsourced CFO/FC means you are not only getting the services of a qualified CA/CPA but also the supported of multiple CA/CPA with combined experience over 40 years. We will work with your team members, extract the financial information and present to you in a simple but meaningful way.

It may not be economical for you to have a full time qualified CFO/FC, your CFO/FC is on a leave or your/your staff needs mentoring to take over the position of CFO/FC. We can help you to fill in the gap in your management and coach you and your staff whenever you want.

Most businesses can save thousands of dollars by moving from a full-time resource that is often under-utilised, to a more efficient outsourced finance support. Our qualified team members are available to come down to your premises to perform the functions of CFO/FC on an ongoing part-time, temporary or project basis. Outsourcing your financials gives you flexibility by drawing on our resources during busy periods (such as big projects) and pulling back when things are quieter for you. This gives you flexibility to pay as you go without any big commitment.

Working with us will allow you and your staff to concentrate on the core operation of your business while enjoying the assurance that the service you engaged is achieving the best results for your business with maximum efficiency.  Additionally, our team will bring an experienced yet fresh viewpoint which will most certainly increase profitability and secure your company’s financial condition.

We have years of experience not only in advisory functions but also in business operations in wide range of industries. Typically when small and medium-sized businesses start to grow and finances become more complex, business owners often come across the need to get more financial expertise.

Here are just a few things that we can provide support with:

  • If you are frustrated communicating back and forth with lenders or it is too difficult to comply with your loan covenants, we can liaise with them and prepare documents that satisfy their requirements.
  • We can prepare business plan, budget/forecast, projected balance sheet and projected income statements to supply to your lenders.
  • We can prepare cost-benefit analysis, SWOT, NPV/IRR analysis, ratios and other historical as well as future oriented analysis.
  • We can help you in assessing the viability of any capital investments.
  • We can help you to maintain statutory/ASIC records/minutes and their associated tasks.
  • We can liaise with your auditors and prepare reports/reconciliations that allow for the smooth running of the audit process and minimisation of its costs.

Talk to us today on (02) 8712 6838 to see how we can help you in bringing efficiency in your business.